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A whole lot of color!


We started with the full moon setting at sunrise in Michigan 

8-1-15 blue moon at sunrise

8-2-15 Spending time with my Dad at the farm!

8-3-15 Sunset near UB

8-4-15 Purple sunset

8-5-15 Celebrating the life of one of our co-Horts who left us too soon.

8-6-15 the flowers in our backyard 

8-7-15 dinner with friends

8-8-15 beautiful butterfly in the backyard

8-9-15 modern fossil

8-10-15 coleus 

8-11-15 storm over Lake Erie 

8-12-15 watching paint peal

8-13-15 Erie County Fair

8-14-15 bike path 

8-15-15 clouds

8-16-15 taking home the prize

8-17-15 garden visitor

8-18-15 sunrise Bassett Park

8-19-15 last class of my masters program

8-20-15 twins on campus

8-21-15 sunset

8-22-15 wild grapes

8-23-15 evening walk

8-24-15 weatheRED8-25-15 the speed of clouds8-26-15 rain rain rain8-27-15 taking down the Ash trees

8-28-15 home at last8-29-15 Americana8-30-15 flowers by the barn

8-31-15 farm eyes

June started with family and new beginnings and ended with embolizations and the start of moving on.


Mickey’s family gather the morning after the Wedding in St. Augustine FL

Early morning walk on the beach on the last day of vacation.

A remaining trillium at Niagara Eco trails

Our peonies are finally blooming what a delightful welcome home.

Friday walk


Look up in the sky …

Stray cat who sits in our garden on occasion

Lone Daisy on our walk tonight

“Halfway to Hope” dedication to Mitch Flynn founder of the Ride for Roswell on the 20th anniversary of the ride.

Sunset with old glory

This always reminds me of home no matter where I see it.

Follow the yellow brick road

Ferns on the old road near my families farm


I love this picket fence. It has a face for all seasons. 

My fathers Lupine garden is amazing this year. 

Farm Sunrise

Makes me dream of awesome road trips and uncontrolled laughter.   Working at the car wash. 

Skippy waits for dinner

Ice Cream at Parkside Candy Shop in Amherst NY

celebrating Father’s Day by installing this beautiful rock from my Dad!

A basket of purple blooms

Finally made it to old car night

Lost opportunity. Waiting for a caption.


Red rescue Petunia

Ready for the ride for Roswell to begin

Finished! 34 wet and cold miles, nearly 16k raised and still smiling! Thank you everyone for your donations and support!! Tomorrow we head to UAMS for the embolization!

  Rainbow bridges over the Arkansas River 

Sign sign everywhere a sign

Summer breeze feeling thankful and blessed.

This if July 1 waiting to be cleared to fly home.