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2011 a year in review

What a wonderful magical year 2011 turned out to be, capturing a photo a day for 365 days. As January comes to an end, I wanted to recap 2011. I meant to do it earlier but it has been rather busy.

On December 31, 2010 I resolved to make a photo a day for the 365 days of 2011, it started out with a bang as I watched the fireworks burst from the Niagara Mohawk Building in downtown Buffalo.

The fireworks in 2011 and 2012. In 2012 we watched them from the comfort of Mickey’s new office.

In the beginning it was so easy, I would make a photo and post it to Facebook, it continued to be fun for most of the year. There were a couple difficult days and the photos reflected my lack of involvement but I still posted everyday. There were also days that would go into weeks that I couldn’t wait to share my adventures and the images were plentiful.

As I went through all the photos day by day it was fun remembering the year. Remembering all the moments shared with family, pets, friends and Mickey. The days that made me smile and a few that made me question my belief that life is good and fair. Overall it was a wonderful year and I am glad to share with you. Thank you to all by friends who gave me encouragement, suggested places to travel and kept me true to my promise of making a photo a day.

I recommend that we all take this challenge. If I continue this year, (so far I have) I am setting some rules. I think I should wait and post my photo the morning after I shoot it, that way it is up at the same time everyday and I have all day to decide which is my favorite.

My resolution was a lesson in slowing down and taking time to look where I am, where I am going and where I need to be. What I discovered is I need to be right where I am.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed making them.

January: Dinner out in snowy Buffalo at the perfectly named Lake Effect Diner
January: You have to admit the snow is beautiful. Olcott Beach Lighthouse, Olcott, NY.  Tall grasses in western New York.
February: Found Mickey and I traveling to a conference in La Jolla, CA – dinner with a view.
Also in February we took another trip to Tucson, AZ for Ian’s graduation, after some local de-icing.
March: A visit to DC to see friends then on to see Hannah in Charleston, SC. She took us to see the Angel Oak, a very spirited old Oak. So beautiful!!
March: From Folly Beach Lighthouse in SC to the chilly waters of Lake Erie in NY.
April: the local custurd shop is open! Spring can’t be far away.
April: if any month proves the saying “don’t like the weather wait a minute.” This is that month!
May was a busy but fun month of changing weather and visiting family. Ella returned from her year in Spain. My Father and niece visited us for a fun hike to the Eternal Flame Waterfall in Chestnut Ridge NY. We had several day trips around the Finger lakes and started to garden.  Ella and I made a trip to SC to visit Hannah where they try to put down beach blankets on a windy day.
June: Glorius summer the Ox Eye Daisies are in bloom. Ella makes us paella. Sunset on Lake Erie. Old Car night at the ice cream shop and Skippy begs to go outside.
July: Brought warm evenings and pleasant walks with Mickey.
I spent a wonderful weekend at the farm. The place I will always call home. There is more about this in an earlier blog.
The end of July brought Mickey and I to Alaska to visit Ian. Sea Planes on an inlet near Anchorage, AK
Our wonderful adventure in Alaska continued into August. Glaciers, Warthogs, Rainbows Artic Circle and wonderful vistas abound.
September: Visiting friends in NYC during the 10th anniversary of 9-11.
September: With Ozzie in tow we visited a coffee shop in Brooklyn with his name. Cheered on our friends softball team in NJ and then to Ashville NC to see the Biltmore Mansion. Somewhere in that month we discovered Snug Harbor Inn in Hammondsport NY.
September: An incredible sunrise at the Biltmore Inn in Ashville NC
October: Celebrating our birthdays we visited Falling water and Kentuck Knob. This was from our Hotel in Uniontown PA.
October: Brings incredible fall colors and day trips around Western New York.
October: A very moving visit to the Memorial honoring Flight 93 in Shanksville, PA
November: A daily morning walk or drive brought us many delightful mornings of frost photos.
November a quick wrap up of color.
Thanksgiving in Bakersfield with Elena, Sean, Hannah and Ella, who turned 21! The meal was incredible and the company was better.
A trip home to MI to visit family and guest lecture at Central Michigan while attending the Hall of Fame dinner.
December: Ice Skating in Buffalo
December a tour of Philly with Ella before driving to SC for Christmas.
Happy Holiday!! Christmas with the girls in Charleston SC and Hanakah with the entire family thanks to Skype.


Thank you Everyone, especially to Mickey, Hannah, Ella, Elena and Ian!!!  I know it was long and I left out a lot but 365 days takes time.   Enjoy and may 2012 be as wonderful.