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2013 Day by Day

My year in daily iPhonotos. 

Grab a cup of coffee this may take awhile.:)

What a year this has been for me.  I have continued with my photo a day, reminding me of my best blessings.  Even though I said I was going to stop.  Snowmen, sunrises, family, new friends, new challenges, education, walks on the beach, and time with loved ones. I hope you enjoy a look at some of my favorite days.

Let each day be a new beginning.  Stopping each day to appreciate the wondrous things we are given has been inspiring.  I have grown in peace and happiness.  I wake up knowing I am loved, I rest at night knowing that I am blessed.  All the other things are just things.  Sometimes the tough things are our reminders to smile more, let frustration go and breath deep.  Breath deep: so when the good things arrive you can take them in joyfully.


January: Snowmen and faces of Niagara Falls.

Discarded decorations from the night before.  The sunsets on a neighborhood game of hockey at Bassett ParkA new year a new snowman.
A pano of the ice covered trees at Niagara Falls.
  The many views of the faces of Niagara Falls

February: A chilly visit home, a trip out west, and dinner with my love.

The farm always looks beautiful in the winter.                                           ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Phoenix Airport layoverDessert at Russell’s Steak House. Snow on a fence near the high school.

March: The beauty of snow. Home is wherever your loved ones are.                                        _______________________________________________

Workshop for military photographers, Mickey and I were both volunteers. Always great to give back to our profession and our service persons

Visiting DC for a photography workshop.


April: A quiet moment, time to reflect. The promise of spring.

Bouquets of Daffodils from the garden, spring buds and helping at a community cleanup.

May: Sunrises, the colors of spring, and connecting with family.

                                             ________________________________________                                                       ______________________________________


June: The shadows of important things. Familiar places,  giving back and ice cream.

July: Reconnecting with family old and new.                                                    _____________________________________

August: Reflections of the things that matter family,  fun,  faith and freedom.


September: One of my favorite places in the world.


October: The colors of fall.

November: More color – more fun

My solo photo show at Daemen College: A short article in the Amherst Bee.


December: Returning home and sharing the holiday with loved ones.