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A new year ….

The photo a day continues


1-1-16 Here I am day one of a new year! What better way to start than sunrise! Beginning my seventh year of a photo a day or 2191 days. I plan to continue but one never knows!

1-2-16 The last sunrise of the vacation! 


1-3-16 Spreading out the memories of warm walks at sunrise, holding on to vacation one more day. 


1-4-16Back to work back to cold 


1-5-16 the days are getting longer

1-6-16 As I said yesterday the days are getting longer; light on my way to work YAY! 


1-7-16 A January thaw not that we have much freezing.  

  1-8-16 Red sky in the morning confirming what the weatherman is saying hmmmm…I guess I better go get snow boots after all. 


1-9-16 Mercury wash: I can’t help myself every time I go thru the car wash. 


1-10-16 The snow has arrived!


1-11-16 Driveway tundra


1-12-16 the lack of color says it all 

1-13-16   I should have started home sooner!

1-14-16 Another day with little color


1-15-16 rain rain go away


1-17-16 the round barn on Curtiss Rd

1-17-16 the ride back home, somewhere in Canada

1-18-16 If you grow up in Buffalo it is never to cold to play hockey and any frozen pond will work


1-19-16 A break between snow flurries

1-20-16 another day with no color 


1-21-16 This is o e of those days I barely had time to lift my phone or make a memorable photo

1-22-16 the full moon rising over the Buffalo Skyline 

1-23-16 winter sky and a very cold day


1-24-16 I so enjoy downtown meetings. The sun came out for only a brief visit to day but boy was it lovely. 

1-25-16 abstract Monday. I see Lincoln Mickey sees Mr Machine(look it up)

1-26-16 Because in chaos there is beauty

1-27-16 Another glimpse at these lovely orange tulips. 

1-28-16 Tree moss in the melting ice  


1-29-16 Momma said there’d be days like this. 

1-30-16 Time with family always beautiful and always worth the effort no matter how short or long the visit 

1-31-16 Waiting to be bailed out!