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A photo a day…

As I watched the fireworks welcome in the New Year, I made a resolution to make a photo a day in 2011.  It seemed easy enough.  It should be a simple and easy resolution to keep. Heck, I already had Jan 1, 2011 done, only 364 days left!

Fireworks over the Niagara Mohawk Building in downtown Buffalo, NY, welcome in the New Year, 2011. Thus begins my resolution to make a photo a day. iPhone 3GS camera edited with PhotoShop Express.

Jan 23, 2011 The Lake Effect Diner. Dinner out after attending an art exhibit at 2.5 degrees with lake effect snow.:)I remember still thinking “how beautiful the new snow was.” iPhone 3GS camera with ProHDR app edited with PhotoShop Express.

Here I am on April 10, 2011, so far I have kept my commitment but it is getting more and more difficult. It is sunny out today but still the ground is wet, not much life has sprung and there are some lingering piles of dirty snow around.   Some days the images I see or capture are just not very interesting, but I make one anyway.  Thank goodness I didn’t say I would make a GOOD photo a day.

April 9, 2011 Ice forms on the rocks at Niagara Falls creating mountains of ice that resemble fluffer nutter. iPhone 4 camera with slight zoom edited with PhotoShop Express

What this commitment has done for me though is it has forced me to look and see again.  It has made me more aware of things around me, even the simple little things. I have always seen things but this commitment has made me appreciate them, think about them, record them and share them.  I am back to keeping notes of locations, looking at weather reports, reading event calendars and jotting down things of interest. Doing all this is much easier now with an iPhone than it was back in the days of using my little black Nikon book.

March 25, 2011 Crocus in the snow. On a spring walk earlier in the week I noticed the little crocus blooming. When 9 inches of snow fell that same week, I went back to check on them and make this photo. I admit the snow was starting to get old! iPhone 4 camera edited with PhotoShop Express.

Try to do this yourself.  If not a photo a day, try to make a photo a week or a photo every time you are together with friends. You will be surprised at the varied collection of memories you will have recorded after only a few months.  From day trips, dinners out, snow, sunshine and fog you will look back and remember the events that surrounded each photo.

So here are just a few more photos from my Photo a Day project.

Feb 2, 2011 Table with a view! La Jolla, CA, after a drive up the coast we had the best seat in the house to view the sunset. iPhone 3GS camera, ProHDR app edited with PhotoShop Express.

March 8, 2011 Folly Beach Lighthouse SC. I love exploring with my daughters, especially when you can go barefoot. iPhone 4 camera edited with PhotoShop Express.

April 8, 2011 another foggy day, but the fog gives me hope that warm weather is just around the corner. iPhone 4 camera edited with PhotoShop Express.

I hope you enjoyed the selection from my first three months.  I am also hoping that I won’t have anymore snow photos until next December!  Looking forward to seeing your photos.