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Life is a Journey

I believe that life is the journey.  The long road makes us wiser. The wrong turns make us stronger. The unexpected bumps bring us awareness.   It all blends to make any path the right road and the journey filled with memories.

There are many reasons to make journeys.  One particularly good reason is to visit our children, scattered far and wide.

This blog will be one of many highlighting the fabulous places our children have ended up. As Ella prepares to go back for her final year of college, I am going to concentrate this update on our trip to visit her in Spain last fall.

It was especially fun for me, to see her so comfortable and at home in a foreign country. Showing us all the wonders she had found and grown to love about Spain and discovering new places together.

(Click on a photo and then use the browser back button to view the next.  Thank you Ella for helping with all the captions!!)

Que disfrutes!!