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Looking up…


Stop and look up, you may be amazed.

Our Lady of Victory Basilica, Buffalo NY- Monroe County Office Building, Rochester NY-Erie County Botanical Gardens, Buffalo NY


Looking up…

It can mean so many different things.

  1. To find information:  I will look it up online.
  2. To call on or visit: I will look up my friends in NYC.
  3. To become better or improve: Things are finally looking up.
  4. To admire or respect: Everyone looks up to my father.
  5. To gain attention: Look up here!

It was also a song “Things are Looking Up” by Ira and George Gershwin introduced in the 1937 film A Damsel in Distress

Morning clouds in West Virginia

The sunrise through morning clouds in West Virginia


But for this post it means just this. Don’t forget to look up!


Recently Terry John commented on one of my daily photo posts  “I like how you look up in your surroundings, so few of us do that enough…”

It made me reflect on how true that can be.  We get so busy going from point A to point B that we often forget to stop and look around, yet alone look up.

This is a reminder that we all need to take that time.  Stopping to look up at the ceiling in the subway station or your bank while your rushing about.

OR be so brave as to stretch out on the nearest lawn and look at the clouds.  You will be pleasantly surprised at the beauty just overhead.

Watching the clouds go by on a summer day


The tiled arches of the City Hall subway station in NYC


The Dome of the old Buffalo Savings Bank now the M&T bank

Hotel hallway arch in Rancho Mirage, CA

Stained glass from the cathedral reflects next to columns of the former mosque in La Mezquita. Cordoba, Spain

various stairwells - the Guggenheim, NYC - a hotel in Segovia, Spain - a mall in Miami Beach, FL

You don’t have to take the stairs but at least take a minute to look up at them and marvel.