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A whole lot of color!

  10-1-15 London walk at night

  10-2-15 Early departure
10-3-15 Evening stroll   

  10-4-15 feather flowers 

  10-5-15 the gray of autumn

  10-6-15 mixed metaphor
  10-7-15 the way to start the day with a beautiful sunrise

  10-8-15 morning mist

  10-9-15 fireworks over the falls

  10-10-15 morning light 
  10-11-15 Rainbow bridge Niagara Falls

  10-12-15 lovely warm fall day
  10-13-15 today’s meeting view

  10-14-15 no snow clouds allowed

  10-15-15 Vine colors  10-16-15 Claws for celebration
  10-17-15 brisk but sunny walk

  10-18-15 it tried to snow but only turned out to be ominous
  10-19-15 fall colors

  10-21-15 the cycle of fall

  10-22-15 another lovely fall day

  10-23-15 frost golden rod  10-24-15 a short break from writing my thesis
  10-25-15 late night at the library

  10-26-15 evening commute home 
  10-27-15 brrrrrrr

  10-28-15 wind blown
  10-29-15 sunset Bassett park

  10-30-15 “the fence” in fall
 10-31-15 Happy Halloween

We started with the full moon setting at sunrise in Michigan 

8-1-15 blue moon at sunrise

8-2-15 Spending time with my Dad at the farm!

8-3-15 Sunset near UB

8-4-15 Purple sunset

8-5-15 Celebrating the life of one of our co-Horts who left us too soon.

8-6-15 the flowers in our backyard 

8-7-15 dinner with friends

8-8-15 beautiful butterfly in the backyard

8-9-15 modern fossil

8-10-15 coleus 

8-11-15 storm over Lake Erie 

8-12-15 watching paint peal

8-13-15 Erie County Fair

8-14-15 bike path 

8-15-15 clouds

8-16-15 taking home the prize

8-17-15 garden visitor

8-18-15 sunrise Bassett Park

8-19-15 last class of my masters program

8-20-15 twins on campus

8-21-15 sunset

8-22-15 wild grapes

8-23-15 evening walk

8-24-15 weatheRED8-25-15 the speed of clouds8-26-15 rain rain rain8-27-15 taking down the Ash trees

8-28-15 home at last8-29-15 Americana8-30-15 flowers by the barn

8-31-15 farm eyes